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By registering as a member a valid and binding agreement is entered into. I understand that I will be liable for the membership fee and agree as such. I understand that The Phoenix hockey calculates its team entries, and other financial requirements, on the basis of the number of players registered. This means that it incurs significant expense based on the number of registrations. This obligation can only be waived by the The Phoenix hockey Committee, in writing. The The Phoenix hockey committee may only consider a waiver within 14 days of this registration and then only in exceptional circumstances. Members will only be able to participate in any club activities after 7 February 2023 if payment has been made as agreed in the payment terms

- I confirm that I have read the registration form and bind myself to the conditions thereof

- I am not a minor (under the age of 18)

- I confirm that I am aware of the services offered by OAHC and that I voluntarily elect, by my acceptance of these terms and conditions, to register for delivery of such services

- I understand that the services are available and even if I elect not to make use of the services, for whatever reason, I will be liable for full fees, same of which are non-refundable

- I wish to register my child / dependent as a member for 2023

- I acknowledge that I will be liable for the full fees in 2023

- I hereby confirm that I am the parent or legal guardian for the above-mentioned youth